Çinar Topakli

   Cinar is one of Istanbul's first generation of contemporary tattoo artists. Tattooing for over two decades, Çınar started by making his own machines before tattoo equipment was available in Turkey. He has over twenty years of experience in the business, and is the owner of Çinar Arts, a high end tattoo studio and art gallery in the luxury fashion district of Nisantasi. He studied traditional Turkish arts at the Mimar Sinan University for Fine Arts and Architecture. 


Çınar, though well-versed in many styles of tattooing, prefers abstract black and color works that replicate the energy and feel of oil paintings.  He argues that the movement and expressionist nature of this style connects to the true nature of a tattoo: to become one with the physical body by following it's natural lines and curves, and to energize the soul of the wearer through color and movement. 

Instagram: @cinarts

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